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Germany is a completely under-rated destination for travel in Europe.  There are some great activities and sites to see for example you can take a Zeppelin ride around Lake Constance in the south.  Lake Constance (German: Bodensee) is a lake on the Rhine at the northern foot of the Alps, it’s bordered by Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Rundflug_Mainau_StGallen_Lindau_60[1]The Zeppelin ( sorry, it’s only in German but you can use Google Translate to get an idea) leaves from Friedrichshaven in Germany and flies quietly around the lake.  It’s not cheap starting at EUR 200 for 30 minutes but is an experience not found everywhere.



Lake Constance is also known for its fruit growing area and where there’s fruit there’s schnapps. Williams Birne, a type of pear, is probably the most typical of the schnapps from the region.  There are many local distillers such as Senft ( which even makes a whiskey!  Most have tastings so you can test the waters before purchasing.



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