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Travel Agent – Tuscany

Questions to ask for a self-catering enquiry for TUSCANY

The traditional villa or farmhouse in the country is normally reserved on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday. Stays of under 7 nights are available. Check with us creative options for all shorter stay enquiries.

  • What are their ideal rooming arrangements? Couples, singles, number in party, bed configuration, etc.
  • What are their dates? We need dates to provide reliable availability & price, plus we can compare seasonal variations between different operators and offer the best value for the particular time of year.
  • Do they prefer a standard/moderate/superior/discerning grade of accommodation? Do they normally travel business class? Do they normally stay 3-star, 4-star, 5-star?
  • Have they been there before? Do they have a particular location in mind? Do you/they need help with the geography? For a time-stay stay in Tuscany we normally suggest the Chianti area, or Central Tuscany as listed on our website.
  • Are they planning to visit Florence during their stay at the villa or is Florence a separate part of their itinerary? If they are planning to visit Florence during their stay, we will recommend a property that is convenient.
  • Do they want to be in or near a particular town for some reason? Sometimes clients mention a particular location because they know it while they are actually happy to be anywhere in that general area.
  • Do they have some definite places they want to day-trip to? This is important so we can suggest a location that would work best for them. Some of these places are Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Cortona, Lucca, Pisa, and the neighbouring regions of Cinque Terre and Umbria.  Most places in Tuscany are no more than 30-40 minutes from two or three of these towns, but in general clients don’t try to do absolutely everything.
  • What sort of holiday is this? For serious day-tripping, for the food and wine, for the village life, for major relaxing?
  • Is a pool a priority? Pools are generally open May-Sep. If clients are travelling in April or October we have a small number of properties with an ‘open’ pool. However, please note that often clients do not find they swim much at this time as the water can be cooler.
  • Do clients with to have their own private pool? There are many situations in which pools can be shared – this makes for a more cost-effective stay.
  • Some properties have a bath and no shower – please confirm a shower is a priority!
  • If you have more than one couple travelling together, would they prefer their own bathrooms? Double beds for all couples can not be guaranteed. If clients are insistent they must have double beds it does limit their choice of properties but is possible on most occasions.
  • Most (but not all) properties have a washing machine or laundry facilities – is a washing machine a definite priority?
  • The most requested location is “within strolling distance of a village”. Is that important? There are more possibilities if the clients are open to something a bit further away: There are many properties just 2-3km from a village – not a difficult drive even after a glass of wine! Accommodation in Tuscany is very much rural – there are only a few properties in townships and villages. We recommend clients consider the rhythm of their days. In most situations clients head out in the morning, enjoy a leisurely lunch in a township or village when most things are closed and later in the afternoon pick up a few pantry goodies enroute home after a great day out. At that stage often clients are very happy to ‘stay home’ and enjoy a wonderful sunset or views of the countryside. This is a major benefit of a country location and makes for a most relaxing stay.
  • Do they absolutely want to pick something from a brochure or are they happy for us to research the best value option from all our operators? We can supply a file copy for one of our Tuscan operators. With some operators we only receive an office copy of their brochure but their product is great. We will send a description and photo(s) by e-mail for you to on-send.
  • Are they travelling with children? How old are they? (Some properties are not so safe for younger children.) Can the clients take their own portacot if necessary? 
  • Will they have a car? Do they definitely want to be able to rely on public transport? This is not ideal in Tuscany, but not impossible either. Please establish this first as there is a lot of work involved in providing both car and no-car options. We have a section on our website devoted to travelling in Tuscany on public transport. Often clients would quite like to have the benefit of a hire car but are nervous about the pick up etc. We can suggest some creative options on where they can pick up a car to cause the least amount of stress!
  • There are many large farmhouse complexes divided into several apartments. These offer excellent value for money. Are clients happy with this arrangement or would they prefer a “stand-alone” villa? 
  • Is a TV a must? To obtain English-language channels they need satellite TV. Is this important? 
  • Are clients likely to do their own research on the Internet? Recommend our website  – we will refer all enquiries from them back to you.
  • Villas rarely have phones or Internet connections. Are these essential? 
  • What is their budget? It is helpful to us to have an idea of what they are thinking in budget terms as we may be able to suggest a way they can save money or whether it is worthwhile to spend more.
  • For many clients, this part of their holiday is their “dream”. What is the picture in their dream?