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Travel Agent – Apartments

Questions to ask for a CITY APARTMENT enquiry

Requirements for the minimum number of nights in a stay vary from city to city –
please check with us.

  • What are their ideal rooming arrangements? Couples, singles, number in party, bed configuration, etc.
  • In many cities we have both serviced apartments and private apartments. The latter are best value and are located in buildings where other people live. There is no reception or staff on hand and they come and go as they please. What type of accommodation would best suit your clients? Do they prefer to have staff on hand to help them?
  • What are their dates? We need dates to provide reliable availability & price.
  • Do they prefer a standard/moderate/superior/discerning grade of accommodation? Do they normally travel business class? Do they normally stay 3-star, 4-star, 5-star?
  • Have they been to the city before? Do they have a particular location in mind? Do you/they need help with the geography of the city?
  • Do they want to be near a particular area for some reason? Visiting relatives, business reasons etc. Sometimes clients mention a particular location because they know it while they are actually happy to be anywhere in that general area.
  • Is this visit for business, a holiday or a bit of both?
  • Washing machines are often provided or at least there are laundry facilities nearby. We will do our best to suggest a property with laundry facilities.
  • Are they travelling with children? How old are they? Will the clients take their own port-a-cot if necessary?
  • Will they have a car? Having a car in a city is inconvenient and limits options. All of our properties are reasonably convenient to public transport (underground, buses, etc.).
  • Are they arriving on an early morning flight? Very important for city apartment enquiries.
  • A family of 2 adults and 2 children, for example, would ideally stay in a 2-bedroom apartment.
  • However, this family may often compromise for a short stay to save money, and may book a 1-bedroom apartment with a sofa in the lounge. Are they looking for the best value option?
  • Are clients likely to do their own research on the Internet? Recommend our website – we will refer all enquiries from them back to you.
  • City apartments do not always have phones. Are they expecting to connect their laptop to broadband? Will they need a phone?
  • What is their budget? It is helpful to us to have an idea of what they are thinking in budget terms as we may be able to suggest a way they can save money or whether it is worthwhile to spend more.