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Kempten Rathaus

The largest town of the Allgäu region Kempten is probably not your typical holiday destination but offers some interesting things to do if you like a bit of history.  The town is mentioned by the Greek geographer Strabon in 50BC and that’s a really long time ago, in fact it’s the earliest written reference to a town in Germany. Since then it seems to have been the focus of much destruction and rebuilding.

It has a lovely river flowing through which is fed from the mountains (this makes for some spectacular viewing when summer melts the winter ice) and the Festwoche is probably what the Oktoberfest would be like without the tourist hordes.

The Romans made their mark here and left some ruined sites which now offer a small insight into their world.  The original town called Cambodonum has a few relics which are open to viewing.  Have a look at the Archaeological Park Cambodunum site.  There are not too many foreign tourists around so English language guided tours are rare.

Cambodunum toilets

Cambodunum toilets


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